Automotive Testing Expo India 2020

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22-24 January 2020
Halls 2 and 3, CTC Complex, Chennai, India

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Flexible environmental test chambers
Envisys Technologies - Stall 4078

Recreating environmental conditions in the laboratory is the only way to test components properly before they enter the real world, but too many environmental chamber systems are not flexible when it comes to size. The ET and EM series from Envisys Technologies provide flexible choices and the very latest technologies for environmental testing including custom sizes and custom features. The ET series is available in varied volumes to suit product/component-level environmental testing applications for temperatures ranging from -70oC/-40oC to 180oC and 10% to 95% RH. The EM series is particularly suited to testing smaller products such as electronic and automotive components, as these chambers have a compact design that allows them to be easily mounted on a bench or tabletop. The company also has a range of salt spray chambers for corrosion resistance testing, available in basic and cyclic versions to meet a variety of test applications as per international standards.

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