Automotive Testing Expo India 2020

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22-24 January 2020
Halls 2 and 3, CTC Complex, Chennai, India

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Groundbreaking compact electric SUV prototype
Applus IDIADA - Stall 2060

As all automotive engineers know, the aerodynamic drag of EVs is a significant contributor to reducing energy consumption and extending the range of a vehicle per charge. This has never been more important than with the growing demand for electric and hybrid vehicles, where low drag coefficients are crucial. Applus IDIADA’s drive towards innovation has led to the development of CRONUZ, a prototype compact electric SUV, with three breakthrough aerodynamic solutions: active rocker, active front fairing and wheelhouse covers. To learn more about this unique vehicle, visit the Applus IDIADA stall, where company representatives will be ready and waiting to discuss all things CRONUZ.

Stall 2060

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