Automotive Testing Expo India 2020

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22-24 January 2020
Halls 2 and 3, CTC Complex, Chennai, India

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Fully autonomous and portable DAQ device
Vibration Research - Stall 2077

Despite what you may believe, data acquisition doesn’t necessarily require any special boards, PC drivers or even a PC. The new ObserVR1000 from Vibration Research is a fully autonomous data acquisition device that is specially designed and engineered to provide reliable performance, accurate testing and user friendliness. Simply connect a smartphone, laptop or PC and set up the ObserVR1000. Once set up, data is collected with a simple press of the record button. The ObserVR1000 comes in 4- or 16-channel packages that include GPS, microphone, tachometer, high sampling rate, TEDS and wi-fi capabilities, among many other options.

Stall 2077

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