Automotive Testing Expo India 2020

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22-24 January 2020
Halls 2 and 3, CTC Complex, Chennai, India

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Test facility development expert
CFM Schiller - Stall 3084

Planning a new test facility or test rig can be a daunting task. Engineers would rather get on with testing and not have to worry about design, constructing foundations and all the other aspects of developing a new facility. Thankfully, Automotive Testing Expo India 2018 exhibitor CFM Schiller is an expert in the development, manufacture and installation of test rigs and complete test facilities. The company’s key fields of operation include foundation engineering, vibration isolation technology for test rigs and road simulators, VIMM, MOCOKIT, test system engineering and clamping technology. So whether it’s a standard system or a specially customised solution that’s needed, CFM Schiller can manage all test system-related requirements so that engineers can concentrate on their core activity.

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