Automotive Testing Expo India 2020

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22-24 ஜனவரி 2020ГОДА
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New-generation digital dynamic response controllers for dynamometers
SAJ - Stall 4063

SAJ will showcase its new-generation EXCEL-R2 digital controller for dynamometers and engines, suitable for eddy current/AC dynamometers/hydraulic with dual valve control for dynamic response. Different control configurations are defined for each application and can control the engine via a throttle output channel. SAJ has developed a state-of- the-art dynamic fuel consumption meter. SAJ has also successfully launched a two-wheel emission RLS chassis dynamometer, which was jointly manufactured with Ono Sokki. The company has also announced its exclusive alliance with Sakor Technologies Inc, USA for representation in India for new-age solutions in EV testing, battery simulation and more. SAJ has a unique integrated manufacturing facility including high-precision CNCs, assembly shop, R&D and software centre, system integration and testing, training centre, reconditioning workshop, etc. SAJ specialises in automated, containerised engine testbeds and customised special solutions for cold test rigs, AC chassis dynamometers, firing test benches, generators, compressors, valvetrain testing and more. The company has turnkey project capabilities from concept to commissioning.

Stall 4063

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