Automotive Testing Expo India 2020

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22-24 ஜனவரி 2020ГОДА
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New high-precision GPS system for accurate testing of vehicle and driver behaviour
Race Technology - Stall 2051

Race Technology will showcase its new GPS2 high-precision GPS system, which works alongside existing Race Technology measurement products to give improved absolute position accuracy down to a precision of 2cm, either by using a local base station or by using corrections received over a GSM telephone network. The CATS-INS (Complete Automotive Test System) is a capable full vehicle dynamics measurement system that gives outstanding accuracy for brake testing and general chassis dynamics measurement.

The system has a built-in display to give instant feedback to the vehicle operator on the outcome of the test, as well as datalogging to provide high-resolution data for further analysis. With two CAN ports and up to 12 analogue inputs, the system can be attached to a wide range of additional sensors to give information on vehicle and driver behaviour. By combining the two systems, Race Technology can offer a low-cost system for accurate evaluation and end-of- line testing of various driver aid systems such as AEB or lane deviation, as well as the more traditional brake testing and chassis dynamics applications. External modules are available to give additional thermocouple and analogue inputs.

Stall 2051

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